The Best Way to Pack a Suitcase for Holiday Travel

Season’s Greetings! The holidays are upon us in sunny South Florida. Do you plan on traveling to a snowy state or country in the next coming weeks? If so, our helpful how-to guide on the best ways to pack a suitcase containing bulky winter clothes is just for you. Check out these FIVE helpful tips on getting the most out of the suitcase space you’re workin’ with. Maybe you won’t even have to check an extra bag! When the holiday cheer is over and you’re back home, be sure to bring all of your laundry to laundromart for some serious cleaning!

Wear Your Most Bulky Pieces While Traveling
If you’re bringing along thick, heavy coats, chances are your destination will be cold upon arrival. Wear your most bulky items on the plane or place on your lap/somewhere loose in the car. Save the precious cargo space in your suitcase to fit as many other items as you can. Once you board the plane, you can usually place your coat in the overhead storage bins. If the worst case scenario happens and you are unable to, your comfy coat also acts as a comfy travel pillow! Sweet travel dreams!
Layers, Layers, Layers
Incorporating layers into your chilly outfit attire is not only convenient anyway to add and subtract as the day warms up or get cooler, but it’s also convenient for packing purposes! Cotton long-sleeved shirts, leggings, socks, scarves, and other non-bulky accessories can be easily stuffed by the number into your suitcase. They’re thin enough to be able to take shape whichever way you fold or roll them! Shop smart and pack smart with multi-purpose layered winter clothing. 

Save those Pants
We get it, you want to wear a different pair of those fashionable jeans you bought for your trip each day. But truth is, no one will notice if you reuse a pair the second day while vacationing. If you are in dire need of more space in your suitcase, consider omitting a pair or two of pants from your bag. You’ll be surprised how much extra room you’ll be greeted with! And trust us, no one will notice you wore yesterday’s jeans.

Stop, Drop, and Roll
When it comes to thick, bulky winter wear, it’s best to roll and not fold. Not only does this save tons of space in your luggage, it’s much easier to roll your clothes than to perfectly fold them, especially if you’re feeling lazy. Not to mention, no more creases in your clothes! An extra packing tip you can utilize is stacking smaller items like underwear and socks on top of larger items like a long-sleeved shirt, and then rolling those up together. You can then perfectly place these rolls of clothes into your suitcase side by side. Makes getting dressed the next day a breeze!

Happy Holidays,  laundromart customers!

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