Best Last- Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween 2017 is right around the corner here in South Florida, leaving many people scrambling to put together a cheap Halloween costume quick! If you haven’t decided on your Halloween costume yet this year, you’re in luck. Check out these five awesome DIY Halloween costumes to make on the cheap! And best of all, some items you may already have in your closet. Bring it all back to laundromart when Halloween is over to reuse again!

1.       Where’s Waldo

Where’s Waldo, the beloved British cartoon character created by English illustrator, Martin Handford, is perhaps one of the easiest unisex DIY costumes out there. All you need is a striped red and white shirt (long-sleeved preferably), a pair of blue-jeans, sneakers, and a red and white beanie hat to complete the wandering Wally look. Both men, women, and children can enjoy this not-so-spooky Halloween costume.

2.      Ghost

Break out the bedsheets! There’s absolutely no excuse for, “I don’t have a costume” with this one. Only three easy steps go into dressing up as this Halloween favorite- Step one: grab hold of a white bedsheet. Step two: Lay bedsheet flat on the floor and cut three holes into it, two for your eyes and one for your mouth for necessary sight and breathing purposes. Step three: Place bedsheet over body. Consider the temperature in South Florida Halloween night, our Halloweens down in the tropics tend to be warm!

3.       Rosie the Riveter

“We can do it!” a.k.a. “You can easily create this costume!” Rosie the Riveter, the ultimate girl power cultural icon of the World War II era is a popular, simple-to-make costume for women of all ages. Break out your favorite pair of denim jeans, a navy blue button-down collared shirt, a red bandana, and some boots! To really complete the look, search YouTube for some great Rose the Riveter makeup and hair tutorials. Rosie rocked those Rockabilly Victory Rolls in her hair and you definitely can too if you’re up for the hair challenge. Swipe on some red lipstick and BAM you’re ready to show the boys whose boss!

4.       Tacky Florida Tourist

Living in South Florida, tacky tourists are about as native to our land as the humidity is. This Halloween, let’s tap into the goofy tourist look we always giggle at. This DIY costume is perfect for men, women, and couples. First, you’ll need a bright Hawaiian/tropical shirt. Bonus points if you have a lei you can throw on top of it! (These can be found any party supply store and dollar store.) Second, find the most unflattering cargo or khaki shorts you can. Third, break out those crew socks! Now with shoes you have two options, you can either wear sneakers or go for the classic touristy look of socks and strap-on sandals. Your choice! Now it’s accessory time, wear your trusty fanny pack, large-brimmed hat, be sure to carry around plenty of maps. But don’t forget the sunscreen! It sure is sunny out there in Miami Beach! Give yourself a nice swipe of the white stuff on your nose and don’t rub it in. Happy sight-seeing!

5.       Scarecrow (“zombify” it)

Nothing says Fall is here more like a classic scarecrow. For this simple DIY scarecrow costume, all you need is a plaid button-down shirts, pair of jeans (can be substituted for a pair of denim overalls), and a straw hat which can be found at most party supply and dollar stores. Purchase a face makeup crayon, (or ladies, use black eyeliner), and draw on some stitches on around your mouth and nose. Now for the more sinister look, you also have the option to be a Scarecrow zombie! Just tweak your face makeup to include white/gray face paint and blacken out your eyes a bit more.

Happy Halloween laundromart customers!  

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